Body Of Christ Blog Series: Part 2

I grew up going to an Assembly of God based non-denominational church as well as Baptist and Nazerene Church. When I was 27, I converted to Catholicism. After experiencing some doctrinal differences, I left the church after months of prayer. I went to a Lutheran Church for awhile. Then I went to a United Methodist Church before being lead to a non-denominational Church. As you can see, I have a vast denominational background.

   I remember first going to a Catholic Church. I was told that I wasn’t Catholic, so I could not receive communion until I was confirmed. Would Jesus deny communion to someone because they were not Catholic? Absolutely Not!

   I went through the Rite Of Christian Initiation, which included months of classes. I became heavily involved. I taught Sunday School to middle school kids. I sang in the choir. I was a lay minister. I was a member of the Knights Of Columbus and was even being encouraged in my discernment to becoming a priest.

   I am not going to dog on any denominations. They all had a very big part in me being who I am today. I credit the Catholic Church for bringing me back to God. However, I felt really unfulfilled. I felt a division. It led me to leave.

   Some people think that the Protestant Reformation was the beginning of the divisions in the Church. This is true to an extent, but the divisions started way before that.

   Theologically, it goes back to the first religious dispute which led to murder. Cain gave an offering with little effort. Abel put alot of effort into his offering to God. God was pleased with Abel, which caused major jealousy on Cain’s part. 

   This was a religious dispute. When Cain killed Abel, a new division was set into place and a new religion came into play. The Way of Cain is the origin of all religions where the blood was ignored and the works were magnified. 

   I am not a fan of religion. I am a fan of God’s Word. Religion is just a list of rules that is meant to divide us and keep us in bondage. God’s Word is a lifestyle. When we live by it, it sets us free from bondage. We all know that the lifestyle God has for us is better than anything we could ever come up with.

   God’s Word is made up of truth and principles that can transform us when we apply them to our lives. It is where we find true joy, peace, and charity. God loved us so much that he gave us his son to die on the cross so that we could be forgiven. If God’s word is the key to joy, peace, and charity, then Jesus is the key to forgiveness. Together, we have the key to open the door to living an abundant life.

©2017 JeremyBeagle. All Rights Reserved.

Scripture taken from The HOLY BIBLE, NEW INTERNATIONAL. ©1973,1978,1984 by International Bible Society. Used by permission of Zondervan Publishing House. All rights reserved


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