I remember being a kid in the late 80s. Times were so much more simple. We did not have cell phones. 

We had Ataris and Nintendo but weren’t allowed to play it all the time.We played various games using our imaginations. We built forts and started clubs. I remember starting a club called “The American Ninjas”. It was probably due to my Obsession with Martial Arts and 80s Ninja Movies. There were like 3 members.

We had short attention spans as kids. We were distracted easy. I can only imagine the moments in life that would have been missed if we had grown up with cellphones and all the technological distractions we have today.

As I sit here, with my face in my phone, typing this blog, I am thankful to God for technology. Sometimes, we have to put down the phone and live in the moment and enjoy life. Enjoy family and friends.

Last party I went to wasn’t even a party. Not the ones I used to go to. We don’t have social gatherings anymore, we have cellphone parties. 

Part of being a Christian, is our call to seek God. If we don’t get into the word, we are standing still spiritually. With all these distractions, we sometimes find it hard to take one on one time with God.

I am too busy. I don’t have time. I have better things to do. These are all the excuses I have used myself. 

In Matthew 6:33, Jesus said, “Seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.” 

It doesn’t take very much time to pray or read and meditate on a scripture. It doesn’t take much time to tell someone that you love them. We just don’t take the time. 

When we seek God, we can then go on with our Facebook and Instagram and our Netflix and whatever else in the technological world that there is. We will then be able to enjoy these things even more.

With all these distractions and all the fast paced lifestyles we live, mixed with long hours on the job, sometimes we forget to breath. Sometimes we need to sit back and breath and thank God we are alive in the moment and ENJOY that moment.

You can post about it later. 😉


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