My Testimony Part 1

I have decided to do a blog series about my life. I have led a very eventful life from my humble roots in Texas to life in Alaska and later Oregon and Hollywood California. 

First, when people ask me why I believe in God that I can’t see, I reply, “God isn’t something you see. God is something you feel.” I have felt his presence in my life. I am lucky to be alive.

My first brush with death was when I was 5. I was caught between two dogs fighting and had my head ripped open. It required 50 stitches and I couldn’t walk for at least a month.

My biological mom was suffering from some serious health issues and we were adopted. I was raised by my grandpa and his new wife. In 1989, we left Wichita Falls, Texas. We packed everything in a retired school bus and a van that towed a 1982 Datsun pick-up. We headed for Alaska.

My second brush with death was riding in the bus with my grand/dad. We were in Canada on the Alaska Highway which is pretty much built on a mountain range. The brakes went out and we were going downhill at over 100 mph. Jesus had to have taken the wheel because we finally stopped.

We eventually made it to Alaska. Growing up in Alaska was an experience I will never forget. Let me clear up a few things. We do not live in igloos. I have built one and camped out in it. 

In the Winter, you hardly see the sun. In the Summer, the says, “Forget you. I am not going down for three months.” I have been in 70 below zero Fahrenheit. 

This is when the abuse started…….

(to be continued)

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