My Testimony Part 2

I don’t really talk about my abuse. Some people think that that I was just spanked and that I am just crying about it. I was beat with extension cords, stabbed with a pencil for not getting an algebra problem and even getting pistol whipped.

I am not going to slander anyone for I have spent years learning how to forgive that person. But I will never forget. Between the dog fight and the abuse, my brain works different from other people.

My adopted grandparents were in a Church called The Move. It was an offshoot of the penecostal/latter rain. They had churches in the cities and commune farms all over the World.

It had alot of aspects of a cult, but did preach the teachings of the Gospel. I spent time on the farms and even got to preach on Wednesday nights as a kid. God was speaking to me and grooming me for now.

At age 17, I moved back to Texas and was reunited with my biological mom and stepdad. God used them to heavily affect my life. They taught be about God’s unconditional love by setting an example.

I remember telling my mom about the abuse and she cried. I found out she was abused by a stepmom. We became really close. I could tell her anything.

This was when drugs came into my life. At 17, I developed a habit of injecting speed balls (a potent mix of heroin and coke). I was having daily brushes with death. I saved a girl from overdosing. I overdosed a few times. Speed balls were what killed John Belushi and Chris Farley. 

At that time, believe or not, my faith was strong. I prayed to God everyday. I knew I was playing a dangerous game of Russian Roulette. If I kept up, I would have been dead by twenty.

My best friend and I decided after shooting up the last of our cocaine, we would seek God. He accepted the Lord as his savior and it was the last time we shot up. 

We decided that we needed to leave Texas to get away from that lifestyle. We packed what we had and headed to the airport. It was time for a big change…….North To Alaska.

(to be continued)

©2017JeremyBeagle.All Rights Reserved.


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