My Testimony Part 3

First, I want to talk about my biological mom and stepdad. While most parents would have said that tough love as the best solution. Not my parents. They embraced me and saw my addiction for what it was: a disease.

They moved my friend and I back to Alaska. Coming off cocaine and heroin cold turkey was the best and worse thing that ever happened to me. It was like having the flu for three weeks. I called to God. I could have broken down and used, but it would have continued the nightmare.

I still struggled for 9 years, but I never touched a needle and it has been 20 years. God set me free from my demons and I never went to rehab. That is the power of what God can do. I will go more into addiction on another blog.

I have always felt like God was with me, but I was distracted. I received a call to preaching at the age of 11 and drugs got in the way. God never goes anywhere. We do.

That call to preaching never went away. I joined the Catholic Church at age 27. Although I don’t identify as Catholic anymore, I have great respect for what God did in my life during that time. The Parish Priest taught me not to hate myself for my mistakes. I was even considering becoming a priest at one time.

I decided it was time to leave Alaska and at age 29, I moved to Eugene Oregon and soon new the meaning of the town motto: Keep Eugene Weird. On to my next adventure:

(to be continued) 

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