My Testimony Part 4

Eugene Oregon was a beautiful city filled with anarchists and a great array of interesting people. I learned so much about other people with different views and acting like a Christian and accepting people as Jesus would.

I started writing jokes and started doing standup comedy in dive bars and traveled to Portland. I did some shows and decided to move to Hollywood to hone my comedy skills.

I was paying 1000 dollars a month for a little studio apartment in East Hollywood. I lived in Thai Town which ironically has a population of 86%  Hispanic. It was 17.3 percent white which leads me to believe that someone in Thai Town is walking around with 2/3rds of a body.

I started doing open mic at Comedy Clubs and Coffee Shops and dive bars. I went anywhere I could get stage time. My second day, I took my best jokes from Oregon and did an open mic at The Laugh Factory and bombed. I went to a comedy class and started doing shows.

My mom’s health was getting bad so I decided it was time to put my dream on hold. Being back in Texas has taught me alot. When she got better, I moved to Fort Worth to meet my half brother and was reacquainted with my demons……

(to be continued)

©2017JeremyBeagle.All Rights Reserved.


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