My Testimony Part 5

I moved to a not so good neighborhood. My brother worked there and got me a job doing makeready. With that came the temptation again. We are products of the environment that we live in. I had quit going to Church and didn’t read the Bible and rarely prayed. 

One night, I did Crystal Meth. It was only a couple times and I believe it was God showing me that no matter how long I was sober, if I was hanging around druggies, I was going to fall. Especially for the simple fact that I was not following God. 

I moved to a hotel in Dallas where I was surrounded by free drugs. I was the comedian doing shows at their bar. For a month, I fell back into using coke,Meth and special K along with lots of Alcohol. I was on the road to my life exploding. But God knows what he is doing.

I met my future wife who didn’t drink or do drugs and I moved to Granbury and we eventually got married. I was sober and working at a Youth Detention Center. Its been a long road, but my wife saved me and God used her to be my angel.

I devoted back to God and my calling. I am currently studying Theology and am thankful that God has set me free once again and given me the greatest gift of all, a chance to experience life and be serious about my calling.

This is my story. Thank you for reading and God Bless You All.

©2017JeremyBeagle.All Rights Reserved


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