So they are no longer two, but one flesh. Therefore what God has joined together, let no one separate. Matthew 19:6

In June, my wife and I are going to celebrate our third year of marriage. I am thankful that God blessed me with her. She literally saved my life. 

When we got married, we gave it to God. We did not want to end up a statistic. There is more than a 50% divorce rate. When you first meet, you are not in love. You are infatuated. I was even infatuated when I married my wife. 

You don’t just fall in love.You grow in love. Love takes time. Love and marriage takes alot of patience. When you get married and live together, you will eventually find the good and the bad.

So why do so many marriages fail? 

  1. You weren’t ready. So many people don’t get the time to get to know eachother. 
  2. People are runners. At the first argument, they throw in the towel. They do not have the patience. 
  3. God was not the focus of the marriage. Marriage is a sacred thing. Don’t get married if you are not in it for the long run.

We have our days. We argue. Marriage is hard. If we want a good marriage, we have to strive everyday to keep the marriage alive. There are days we don’t like each other, but we still love each other. You know what they say(and I still don’t know who “they are “)πŸ˜€: A couple that prays together, stays together.

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