A Mother’s Faith

My mom is an amazing person. At 30, she almost died from encephalitis. She recovered and then was plagued with a rare disease: Sarcoidosis. It is a disease that messes up your immune system. It causes sores on her body and benign tumors in her liver and lungs. She has had heart attacks because of complications from the disease. Still, her faith never wavered.

Her son was a full blown addict and this affected her greatly. She spent hours on her knees, praying that Jesus would deliver. It did not happen right away, but her fervent prayers worked. Once again, her faith never wavered.

Her faith kept me together. Her prayers brought be back to God and his wonderful forgiveness. I owe my transformation to God and my mom, who never gave up. Please keep my mom in prayer. God Bless You. 

©2017 Jeremy Beagle. All Rights Reserved


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