Let It Go! (first published on BayArt)

Yesterday is gone. We have no power over the past. Some people say: If I could go back knowing what I know now…..can you honestly say that?

My 20s sucked. I thought I was grown. I was into drugs. Though there were some good times, it was filled with mistakes and heartbreak. I wouldn’t go back. Or maybe I would and punch old me in the face. 

Regret is not an option. If God forgives and forgets, why do we keep bringing it up? You know, when I turned 29, I freaked out about turning 30. Now I am 37 going on 40 and my mistakes still haunt me. That is a tool of the enemy. Seek Jesus in everything you do. Forget the past. That was yesterday. Let it go! Jesus is Now and Forever.

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