Love Series: Part 1

One of the things that I am learning in my Pastoral Studies is Greek. This journey has been exciting as I learn more about the Love of God and seek to serve the Lord in everything that I do. I have decided to do a series about Love. 
The English word “Love” has three different Greek Translations. Eros: this is love of a sensual desire that is shared between a husband and wife. Phileo: this is a love that is shared between friends and relatives. We love people because they are worthy of love.

Then we have Agape Love. This is the Love of God and it is Love in it’s purest form. It had less to do with emotions and more to do with action. This is supernatural Love. It is the unconditional Love that is revealed to us through the death of Jesus on the Cross. 

Love is powerful. If we look into history, there was so much hate. Look at the Jews and the Gentiles or the Romans and the Greeks or even the conservatives and liberals of today. They either hate it hated each other.

Some people have do idea the self-sacrifice that goes into the act of love. When we claim to be Christians, The Love of God needs to shine in us so people can be amazed and want to know more. Hate divides and Love brings us together. God’s Love (agape) unifies us all.

(to be continued)

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