The Move: Part 2


A cult is defined as any movement that has a misplaced or excessive admiration for a person . It is a system of religious veneration and devotions directed towards that person. That person likes to control his followers.

In the Move, there was so much legalism. Legalism is defined as erecting man-made laws or rules that govern us that supplant God’s Word. God issued us the commandments. He does not need need anyone contridictioning them.

This ran rampant in the Move. Women had to wear dresses and single guys and women could not be together without an adult or elder being there. They longed to control and claimed they were being led by God.

You were taught that you were free to hear from and be led by God. However, your actions and thoughts had to be approved by the Elders or Local Ministry. This is what made it very cult-like.

(to be continued)

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