The Lord’s Name: Part 2

Let’s look at the word vain. Vain is translated from the Hebrew word “shavah”. This means useless, emptiness, and nothingness. God is not useless. God is not empty. God is everything, not nothing. We are to honor His Name in all that we do.

Using his name in vain might be okay by the world’s standards and expectations. God’s standards and expectations is we never do it. The 3rd commandment forbids all profane words against him. God makes Himself known. Our words may be redeemed by man, but we will not escape God’s judgment in this case.

These moral laws are revelations of divine communication of what God wants from us. He has revealed it in our hearts. We all fall short of His Glory. We are all sinners. Nobody except God and Jesus are perfect. This is why we need Jesus. 

It should be our aim, as Christians, to uphold God’s commandments and not sin. Jesus secured our Salvation from His death on the Cross. This provides a full pardon to all who trust Him. I ask now, Why would any of us want to profane the Name of God or Jesus after all they have done?

Praise be to God and may God Bless You All. Thank you for reading.

©2017JeremyBeagle.All Rights Reserved


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