The Move: Part 4

I never got the chance to meet Sam Fife for he died a year before I was born. I did meet his wife and she was a nice lady. I couldn’t wait to get to the convention to see her.

Sam was part of the Five-Fold ministry. I have heard his preaching and he would go through stages of being calm and mellow and then burst into angry preaching. He was a modern day apostle to his followers. The number of followers are dwindling, but these communal farms still exist.

When living on the farm, you had to give 50 percent of your income. They controlled your thoughts and actions. To this day, the elders emulate Sam Fife. After all, it started when he started controlling there thoughts and actions.

He claimed that he would never die and that if he did, it would be a sign of the second coming. He claimed to never age and when asked what his age was, he would reply simply: I Am. He believed that we could achieve a sinless life on earth.

Long story short, he died in a plane crash in Guatemala on April 26 1979. Jesus did not come. Yet, his followers still look at him with reverence and follow his teachings. It is now called the International Ministerial Association.

Years have passed since I have been on the farm. I have bittersweet feelings. One on hand, it trapped me into the mindset that everything that I did was wrong. Yet, my grandpa and his awesome sermons were what led to my calling. I thank God for that. God Bless You and have a great weekend. 


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