No Rest For The Wicked

Break the arms of these wicked, evil people! Go after them until the last one is destroyed. Psalms 10:15 NLT

This comes across as very violent. Yet, when we read the Word, we need to dig deeper and let the Holy Spirit reveal it to you. The Word will come alive!

Jesus spoke in parables. There are many metaphors in the Bible. We all know of or have known downright evil people. People that just waddle in a big puddle of hate. People that lie and steal live a life of violence. People that constantly live in sin. 

I have seen great people that suffer and evil people that seem to get away with everything. As a Christian, we are suppose to pray for these people as hard as it can be. Christians everywhere in the world there is evil being perpetrated. 

We need to bind together and pray that God intervenes. That these days of violence and evil will come to an end one day. We walk with Christ and one day, we will abide with Him in Heaven. Until then, let Him abide in us now. 

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