The Jesus Identity: Part 3

For those that know Jesus, we know that He is the center of history and will be last man standing at the end of history as we know it. If we walk with Him now, we will stand with Him in eternity. Jesus! What a powerful name!

These days, when we look at the world, we see despair. There is a worldwide apostasy being excellerated right now. So many people that have been rooted in their faith are giving it up. People are falling away from God. This is a key sign to the return of Christ. 

Put yourselves in Jesus’ shoes. Imagine walking in a room and people being instantly divided. If you have experienced Jesus’ presence in your life, you know that it is impossible not to believe. Back then, they either loved Him and thought He was the Messiah or they hated Him and wanted Him removed. This is still going on today. 

Doubt breeds more doubts to further generations. Then it festers into minds that try to rationalize their thoughts to turn Christianity into a myth. Those original doubters at gone. Jesus is still here. 

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