Pride And Ego

Pride brings a person low,but the lowly in spirit gain honor. Proverbs 29:23

When I was a kid and I accomplished something, my parents would tell me that they were proud of me. That made me feel good. It stroked my low self esteem and my longing for my parents approval. 

There are two sides of the coin when it comes to pride. On one hand, pride can be the feeling of pleasure and and satisfaction as a result of something that we accomplished. Or something we own. Our car. Our house. Our Church. Our job. Our kids.

We dive deeper and see a different kind of pride. All these things are good for they were provided by God. When we compare ourselves to others who have more than we do or less than we do, we risk venturing into the sin of pride.

The other side of the coin. Pride is having or showing a high or excessively high opinion of oneself or one’s importance. This is when pride turns into an ego and we become arrogant. This is known as the Greek Word: Hubris or ὕβρις. This describes a personality quality of extreme or foolish pride or dangerous overconfidence. 

We should never put ourselves on a pedestal above anyone, no matter how less fortunate they are. Being proud of things is okay, but having an ego and being arrogant is never good. High Class? Middle Class? Lower Class?

Does it really matter. We are all human. Jesus loves us all. Whether we reciprocate that love is totally up to us. Jesus is above us all. 

Yet He came to earth in human form and died for our sins. He could have had angels deliver to Him to Heaven the moment that He was nailed to the cross. He could have said, “Wait a minute. I am Jesus. I am the Son of God! I don’t need this! Deliver me!”

But we needed it. Because He loved us so much that He died so that we too could be Sons and Daughters of God. Let us put our egos aside. Let us pray. Let us love. Let us be thankful. 



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