January 2018 Update

Around 10 months ago, I started this site as a means to start my ministry and grow in Faith and help people along the way. It has grown into something so great and I am blessed to share it with the world. 

I have started a Youtube Channel. I am posting the link. Please check it out and Subscribe. I am starting a movement. A Jesus movement. I invite you to join the movement. I have some really exciting things in the near future.

I am going to announce a contest on YouTube. However, I want You, my WordPress friends to get early entries. I will be giving away a 25 dollar Amazon card in February. In order to be entered, all you have to do is subscribe and comment letting me know that you subscribed. 


Risen Faith Ministries is the foundation of Risen Faith Life Church. It is a Church being planted within the next two years in a location tbd in North Texas. It is going to be a Jesus Driven Church. As a said, It will be a movement. I will keep you updated.

To those that are new to Risen Faith, I am Jeremy Beagle. I am a Deacon at Abundant Life Church in Granbury and future Pastor of Risen Faith Life Church. I can be reached at:



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