By The Sword


Falling Down When we were kids, we could hurt ourselves and jump up like nothing happened. When we get older it seems to change. In the aspect of our Christian walk, we will fall. We also have Jesus walking by our side. We know that when we fall, he will be right there to pick us... Continue Reading →

Walk By Faith

For we walk by faith, not by sight. 2 Corinthians 5:7 CSB As we go into the New Year, I am happy to see a new year is finally upon us. This Holiday Season has been a rough patch. My wife and I found ourselves trying to find a job due to being laid off before... Continue Reading →

Old Vs. New Covenant This video breaks down the importance of the Old and New Covenants and how they apply to Christians today. It all revolves around Jesus and what He has done for all of us. I hope you enjoy and have a blessed week. God Bless You All. Please Like and Subscribe.

Logos=The Word=Jesus The word Logos is Greek for "Word". This brings a new look at John 1:1 that some people have never thought of. Just substitute it for Jesus. In the Beginning was Jesus, Jesus was With God and Jesus is God. God Bless You All. Please Like And Subscribe

The Body Of Christ In this message, I illustrate the importance of Unity in the Body of Christ (The Church). There are many good Christian denominations out there, but there are so many divisions regarding doctrine. The best way to be united with Christ is to love and be united with one another. God Bless You.

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